We have a system of GASOLINE MICROFILTRATION, to eliminate solid particles and water in suspension that can contain, assuring our customers a high quality product, which improves the performance of the engine and while reducing its consumption.

Due to the transport processes by means of pipelines and tank trucks, they end up dissolving small particulates and water, for this reason we use the microfiltration, with filters capable of retaining particular and very small drops of water, of size of the order of micrometers, the fuel has no moisture making the combustion cleaner as well as not containing solid particles that can clog the injectors over time obtaining the maximum performance of the engine. Once the fuel has arrived at our facilities we carry out a process of adding fuel to ensure a better quality sale to our customers.

Diesel Microfiltration, WHAT IS IT?

Service that allows to assure the quality of the fuel that arrives at the equipment in a hostile environment, these systems allow to reach the exigencies of the manufacturers of equipment and prolong the life of the components of the engine.

Additive of diesel fuel, WHAT IS IT?

Improvement is made to still improve the quality of diesel to achieve a higher engine performance and in turn to extend the life of your engine in injectors


• Extend the life of injection systems or other micrometric elements of the engines.

• Increase equipment life due to less wear.

• Completely eliminates possible problems that can be created in both domestic and industrial boilers.

• Increase in reliability of equipment and prolongation of intervals between maintenance.

• Increase the life of filters or other maintenance supplies.

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